I vote for a 10" platter update

The 7" is too small, feels like a child’s toy. The DN-S3700 is still my fave for vinyl feel. The updates and options are awesome on the SC5000M but that platter is just silly. A 12" platter is too big, a 10" would be wonderfully perfect. Love the double digital and analog outs, the USB 3.0’s and all of the great FX… just needs a 10" platter.

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At the cost of portability, 10" is only slightly smaller than a 12" so just go with a turntable. Does not have my vote.


Get an acetate. Mount it on there. Enjoy the overhang. Rock the house!

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A 12" deck needs a tonearm. BTW, ignore the vertical tonearm on my rough sketch, that was a goof. Tonearm is across the top and would be a J-arm.

Here’s the precedent for something like this:


@Reticuli how come you have left the bpm counter in your sketch??!!

Beast mode:

Just throwing it out there, that with a week’s worth of work and a 3D printer, we can make this happen on our own.

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10" keeps it in the same size range as most table tops. 12" is another size up. Portability of a 10" would match all CD table tops and USB players I.E. SC5000, Pioneers ect. The point is that 7" looks silly when you scratch on it and it feels ridiculous. The bigger the platter, the more accurate the cut/scratch. 10" is the sweet area. Been scratching since 86’

That’s just not true. There are videos on YouTube of people doing (and nailing) the Peter Piper routine and other scratch routines on controllers like the SB3 and smaller, which have much smaller jogs than the SC5000M.

Scratching on smaller surfaces is different and requires practice yes, but to say it’s more accurate is incorrect.

Accuracy comes down to measurable movement. You need to convert the movement at the outermost section of the ring to the movement at the spindle. Larger platter does lead to more accurate movement. If I wasn’t at work, I would raw a diagram.

I’ll add I do not disagree that a larger radius gives more leverage, allowing finer movements and less required gentleness to manipulate the record, not just when you’re holding and scratching the record, but especially if you’re trying to pitch bend on it… more so, actually. While not much of a scratcher myself, just scratching 7" is something I suspect people can mostly & gradually adapt to over time as it’s a matter of movement size and precision, a scale issue. You might never be quite as good as you are with 12", but over time your performance on both might become less different.

On the subject of bending, though, with 12" Super OEM TTs, I tend to do drags and nudges on the record itself because the platter has so much torque, anyway. This is also essential on the Denon DN-HS5500 since the platter nudging in forward barely works even with TT Tricks OFF and you have to be very gentle in reverse… coding related and not an issue of torque, I believe. On the SC5000M, though, the combination of the touchy 7" record and how low I have the downpressure between it and the slip mat (my choice) means it’s extremely awkward to nudge or drag on the record… basically impossible for me to be consistent.

Thankfully, while not as good as an old SL-1200mk2, especially if the Technics has its torque reduced, the drags and nudges on the SC5000M platter itself do work pretty consistently even if there’s a tiny bit of lag in one direction and overcompensation in the other still, especially better compared to the old 5500 that requires you to use the pitch fader, the bend buttons, or, with some care & caution required, the record to get consistent bending.

As more and more young people decide to try out DJing without ever having touched vinyl, records, 12” singles or LP albums, and with the most recent (of many) vinyl revivals having come and gone again, I think we’re drifting into a market where new DJs won’t see a 12” platter on something and think “wow that is just the same size as a real vinyl turntable” as few will have seen one, and fewer touched one and fewer still DJed on one.

That said, I don’t see the point in going from an 8inch platter to a 9 or 10 inch. If you’re going up from 8 inch , you might as well try and catch the vinyl throwback market and just design it straight up to 12”. The problem is, you’d have to make the deck bigger to allow for all the expected buttons and displays

The first half of this post made me cry a little tear of sadness.

about 1/3 larger… not too bad, imo

Not 8" to 10", 7" to 10". I have been spinning since 1986. The 10" is the perfect size while still keeping the controller smaller than a classic 1200. The SC5000M is cool, but I do not need 16 cue buttons or a massive WAV screen as I learned to mix by ear. All I need on a screen is the track name and how much time is left. Less buttons and a smaller screen leaves space for a larger platter. As cool as the SC5000M is, I still prefer the DN-S3700’s, Made is Japan too. :]

I think this is the closest we’re going to get:


They’re not going to release something slightly larger than the SC5000M. The VL12 has problems, though, so an updated full-size TT with hybrid media capabilities built-in makes sense. A great many users will either never play vinyl or will not want anything larger than the SC5000M, so such a hybrid full-size TT would capture a different segment and could co-exist with it.

Also, please heart these:



To look at it from a realistic perspective, InMusic already has the Rane 12. The time people spend waiting on a 10-12" media player product could be spent building a NUC project box with a touch screen and just connect your Rane 12’s to it.

Didn’t you already suggest we spend a week with a 3D printer to give us what we want :stuck_out_tongue:

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No disrespect, but it seems like the type of product you’re after is what you can get by hooking a standard turntable up to a cheap windows 10 tablet and running serato - or even just the ability of a turntable to play from digital sources since you say you don’t really want the screen.

The idea of the M was to appeal to turntable-friendly DJ’s whilst retaining the form factor and featureset of club standard digital gear.

And again, I’d say from the point of view of a new era DJ who learnt on controllers, scratching accurately on smaller surfaces is absolutely possible, yes it requires practice and changes to the way you scratch, but it’s not impossible by any stretch of the imagination.

If you’re happy with the DN-S3700’s then, by all means, stick with what works for you, however, you should recognize that this is not the current trend in gear.

Btw, SC5000M has 8 hot cue pads, not 16. Additionally, removing either or both of the pad section or the screen section would not mean a larger platter would be needed, you would not have the space width-wise to achieve this. To get a larger platter, the unit itself must be made wider :slight_smile:

Edit: As @hellnegative suggested, if you are really that bothered about it, just cut a sheet of acetete to size and off you go… I really do not see the need or appeal, beyond a very small niche userbase for Denon DJ to produce a whole new product just to address this.

That requires you wear out a needle. The X2 and CDT-05 didn’t require that. The only time I want to wear a needle is playing an actual record. And that’s not even getting into additional, unnecessary latency that DVS requires.