I need my mcx8000 serviced

I’ve placed over 300 calls to Denon seeking out of warranty service for my MCX8000 but no one ever answers my calls. My MCX8000 rarely goes past the power on window. When it does, my left deck freezes…CONSTANTLY. How can I have it serviced if no one answers the phone ??? Yes, I wad able to install latest firmware. Please help.

So you mentioned on your copy post - just keep one post going

Oh yeah, that’s the way to make a good impression.

Do you do that in your emails and phone calls to Denon too? No wonder they don’t respond.


@CarlosH, so the other topic can be closed?

I’ve moved post to this topic and tagged a staff member.

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I’m able to play my music on 2 different lap tops and my desk top but when I put those same thumb drives into my MCX 8000 it rarely goes beyond the splash screen. The MCX 8000 goes no further then the initial power on screen. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. When I 'm lucky enough to play a track then the left deck freezes. The thumb drives are fine. In goid operating order. I’ve placed over 300 calls to Denon support so I can send it in for out of warranty service but no one answers EVER.

I’ve told you 50000 times not to exaggerate

No exageration. Well over 300 calls and no responses to my support requests.

Anyone would think there was a pandemic goon’ on or somink

Not even answering my support emails.

Lol ! You’re not wrong