I’m rebuilding 😎

I put my house on the maket last Friday and it sold for what I wanted the very next day. I paid $242k and sold for $490k with $160k remaining on my mortgage.

My closing is oct 11 so I have 20 days in an empty house to make videos for youtube. I already started setting up for video and already made a few so keep a look out in about 3 months to see the results. I’m going full out for this.

Here are some pics of the initial set up. More equipment is coming.

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Well you certainly have your priorities right - setup Denon gear ASAP :joy:

Good luck!

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Maybe not all denon. I’m eying the rane 72.

Gotta decide which gear to pawn off and trade in for too. Shopping season for gear starts around xmas time for me. I bought my M Boxing Day last year.

Now that the house is selled - it´s time for some PAAAAAAAARTY - neighbours :partying_face:

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Yes, I am having a closing party coming this Saturday. Also I will have a nice chunk of land by summer next year. I’ll be throwing a lot of bush parties for sure.

I’m trading in part of my sound system to handle outdoor gigs. The first set of new speaker will be from soundboks. Check it out and tell me what you guys think.

I know them - a guy in germany has checked this “little” bluetooth speaker. And he was speakless about the power, what comes from this little thing. For private parties its okay. I link you the video … if you want to take a look. But I prefer my own little PA System

12" active Bass (peavey black widow) - 2x 12" Satelites (Mainly KPX122 Omnitronic for Rough Partys) or Electrovoice ELX12

And if it should be a little more powerfull - I own also 4x 12" hybridbass passive 4x500W RMS (Custom Build) / 2xMid Speakersystem 12" 200W RMS (Custom Build) / And then the 2 ELX12

video of the bluetooth system:

my 12" hornhybrid

That’s a nice custom build. Would you put it in a canoe? Lol.

I have a sound system for big gigs and one for smaller gigs. I’m thinking of trading in part of the bigger set towards more prime gear (2x yorkville nx600 + yorkville mp1610). I do all my purchases through long and mcquade. They are very good with trade ins. Been doing business with them for over 20 years.

Sound sytems always sound way better outdoors.

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thats true. we tested the soundsystem outdoors - and gosh - it gets wide (and also clear - without clipping)

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I found outdoor parties are the best. Most of my primary set up will be for off grid gig’n.

The planned offgrid setup will consist of;

Ipad pro running Algoriddim’s djay, reloop mixtour, 2x soundboks and a small honda inverter generator.

If NI gets their heads out of their butts and get my kontrol s2 working their ipad app then I will use it instead of Djay.

Obviously the urban setup will for sure be Primed up

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:frowning: My inverter generator needs an inspection. too few outdoor gigs :frowning:

I need to clean its carburettor - its full of resin from standing without anything to do. but now the fall begins, and I don´t know if I find the time to clean it this year.

I gotta send mine for maintenance too. When I reoccupied my house there was no electricity. For 5 months my house was powered by solar, battery banks and a yamaha ef2400i generator.

Everybody who came by to visit or to work on the house never knew that the power was offgrid. The hydro company inspected my house to see if I was stealing power lol. They couldn’t believe that someone could live 5 months without grid power.

I’ve took a lot of social damage in the past year and a half and I’m under economic sanctions until oct 11.

Part of the rebuilding will be helping people who are going through what I went through. That’s why I’m making videos. I plan to cover survival preparedness training, wildernesses paramedic training, martial self defense, legal self defense and obviously music.

Wish me luck.

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wow. thats hard. - yea, i wish you the best for future. keep always strong - be allways yourself. that aren´t just words. I lost my wife 15 years ago, she went away with another guy. So I concentrate me at myself. No one should ever hurt me that again.

“and thank you for speaking about your generator … mine is now running, I cleaned the carburettor, and now it works again with full power”

good luck to you and your projects. :+1::fist_left:

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You’re looking at a rare one here. I’m one of the very few who’s entitled to spousal support payments, child support payments, and everything else that you’re used to seeing women awarded with.

The domestic judicial system was not not prepared for me ar all nor was I prepared for the culture surrounding it. I came out of this with a lot if victories but not without taking a few scars.


This is where I moved to during my exile. I’m here to pick out the gear to use for production. Check it out.

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Looks like much work …

But the equipment is nice. I like the “oven” on the wall. I think when it all sit at its place - it will be a nice place to live and work. But much hard work before all the boxes are empty and placed :slight_smile:

cool … stanton turntables - I have them form Dual - they are technics SL1210 clones. but the real technics are better than any clones!