I hope you are all ok and enjoying your Primes!

Hi, I just watched some discrepancies between users in this forum… …and want to say that some of us may get a little sensitive being confined at home these difficult times, but please be patient, keep calm, and enjoy your Prime devices like I am doing these days like a complete mad!!!

Peace guys, I don’t want any of you get banned from the forum, everyone’s inputs are interesting, or just funny.

Take care and enjoy music!!! :slight_smile:


I enjoy my Primes every day, thats so far best dj system on the market and gets better with every update :slight_smile: In South Netherlands there is actually no real big lock down, some restrictions and closed pubs and clubs but people go and do what ever they like. We have about 50 corona cases out of 100 000 city population so no big stress here :slight_smile:

stay safe and enjoy :wink:

Am selfemployed and so far my business is not suffering from it :pray:

But yeah, special times, and for many people there is extra time on hand.

Still enjoying my 5Ks bigtime and started to save money for the 6Ks :star_struck:

On a Ferry right now - a nightferry that usual have several 100 people onboard, and tonight I think there is max 100 - the most quiet ride ever…on my way to my parents and with me in my car I have my 5Ks/X1800 setup, as I going to make a video on the island where they live.

Stay safe! :pray:

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