I have to warm up unit for deck 2 jog wheel touch to work

I’m finding issue when I startup my unit after a day or so of sitting, deck two jog wheel won’t change color when touched, It’s in vinyl mode and air on mode is off. It take 3 restarts for it to respond to touch and finally work. So I turn the unit on and let it sit for couple minutes deck 2 rim color turned white. I restart after it turned and jog wheel work fine. I try it few times and seem to work everytime I get this issue. Not sure if its a bug or does the unit need to warm up after sitting.

Hi looks like issues with the Jog wheel. See this Thread:

I had some strange issues as well, thinking it had to do with temperature and so on… One of the guys indicated some grounding issue, being repaired by a Denon Technician. My unit was swapped out btw. and now working correctly.


Thanks for the info. It does seem like temperature issue. deck one has done it also not as much as deck two. I maybe just have to send it in for repair if it gets any worst. It’s ok for now.

Hi @dent622,

Sorry to hear of the issue. That is not normal behavior. I would suggest you contact the support team in your region for warranty service.


If you need any help with contacting the appropriate support team just let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

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