I got different aluminium finish on my 6k's

Is there a way to see has my other unit been used or refurbished?

My first payer had green sticker on the box and it was cut open and i noticed some minor scratches and little dust on the player. Im not sure what firmware it had because i updated it immediately.

now i have four SC6000 players and the newest pair both had 1.6.1. firmware in them and matte aluminium finish. The latest had 1.5.3. it’s also in matte aluminium finish. The first one is almost glossy brushed aluminium finish when compared to the others.

I have two 6000s from different batches. The first one I got is slightly more “glossy” while the newer one has some residue of a white powder that becomes visible whenever I touch the metal surface.

I’d say it’s a mid-production change in surface treatment of the metal. Can’t say I’m worried about that.

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im not worried about it, im going to change it afterall to newer model so all my players will match and don’t look odd in pictures.