I don't love the slogan "Change Your Rider"

I prefer “Shred the rider” or “Lose the rider” or another variation on that. I believe the reliance on one ecosystem vs another is a fundamental marketing mistake. DJs should be able to use whatever gear is installed in the booth and shouldn’t be booked if they can’t. The Prime system should gain market share based on superior performance, features, useability/ergonomics, and durability/reliability, not because people have a certain pre-existing attachment to Denon DJ software, meta tags, or analysis files. I believe this moving away from playback hardware gear riders is the path to adoption in booths around the world for Prime.

Talk amongst yourselves…

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You don’t love it?

You don’t have to.

Some kind of open ecosystem would be needed. I doubt manufacturers are going for that.

Not necessarily.

I like the fact that I’m able to play on nearly any setup. The fact that I switched over to Denon as my “default” or what everyone else is saying Rider… mean meh to me personally. I’m still getting used to my new Denon setup and would say I do slightly mess the Pioneer setups but I’m not ever not going to play on them. Probably just not ever going to buy Pioneer again. My 2 Cents.

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Unfortunately, fulfilling artist riders is the nature of the beast. I know you don’t have to deal with it much since you mainly book deejays, but in the past, we have had to provide keyboard racks, specific brands of amps and cabs, specific brands and layouts in sound (On top of the other ridiculous requests) when booking Live PA acts, bands, and touring headliner DJ’s.

Having equipment on a rider which can be rented for less than a grand is a drop in the hat.