I dont know if this has been brought up before but it's doing my head in

I do all this on my phone so if it’s in the wrong place or its redundant just sort it out.

I’m not here for a discussion about the benefits or drawbacks of using sync.


When you have the sync function enabled, and the song is analysed at the wrong bpm, and you have to manually set the bpm it creates this weird +20 +50 +100(?!) Pitch slider… and I dont know how to make it +8 again.

I’m a half drunk 41 year old man who gets ■■■■■■ and plays the decks and this ■■■■ makes its difficult… I’m half cut and its pitching at +100? Its nuts. It also means that at +100 you basically cant turn sync off after that without stopping the music.

Please fix.

Shift + bend buttons on the right lower corner - minus to decrease, plus to increase.

They can’t fix what ain’t broken.

Here’s the overall solution:


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If one track is 120bpm and the other is 80bpm it will need to adapt the pitch range to counter that.

The base problem is the wrong analysis, but that’s being worked on.

But why doesnt it reset to a +8 slider after the song is changed… I understand exactly why it does it but my main issue is how it stays that way after.

Why should it? What would the pitch % value be when it does; zero?

It could be a request though, to have an auto pitch reset or auto range set when loading a new track.

Yes, this has been discussed many times on the forum. It IS definitely broken, at least by standards of other professional solutions like Serato, traktor, etc. Even some hardware manufacturers (which we won’t name here) account for this in their programs.

Hopefully this is fixed around NAMM with a better algorithm for Grids, BPM, etc.

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What I mean is. If I’ve used a track that requires the pitch slider to have +100 if I then use a track in the normal range it should use that normal range…

The shift and range thing I hadnt noticed before and it is indeed a fix.

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That’s why I opted to make a request. I think it’s a good preference setting for us all.

Extra tip: If you don’t use pitch bend, you can disable the need for shift (in utility or prefs).

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This hint about pitch bend was a life saver btw

Yours and the one above. Great help.

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Alcoholics Anonymous Lol :joy:

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I found this unfair tbh.

Tbh I like a drink/even several at times myself. Nothing wrong with that just don’t over do it and then get on your decks and break something(buttons)or hammer your speakers :loud_sound: and blow em!