I cant buy a sc5000m if bpm analysis is not working correctly

hi Denon folks

I have been testing EP for a few weeks in preperation to make a move from traktor S4 mk3 and free myself of the laptop.

The BPM in traktor and engine prime are in different worlds, perhaps this is the most fundamental function of any dj software and dictates how connected hardware performs.

i can not make the leap at present my library is to big.

Engine prime over writes the bpm of traktor no matter what i do, every time it gets it wrong i can manually type in the bpm of the track that i have written down off the traktor screen and engine prime becomes perfect.

wouldnt it be an obvious move to just keep the traktor analysis as its vastly superior to any other software in terms of bpm analysis until the day that engine prime is equal or better?

i can not make the purchase until this issue is resolved.


Okay thanks.


That’s a lot of CAPTIAL LETTERS in the title.

Why are you shouting at everyone?


I want the ability to hide the lame BPM counters and moving waveforms. Too much training wheels stuff. Too distracting. No thrill. I wanna walk that tight rope with no net.

It’s a reasonable ask; I don’t understand the sarcastic responses sometimes. Uncalled for. Let’s not forget this is the gateway for customers or potential customers to get in touch with Denon. Sorry but been seeing this more and more lately and had to speak out. We should be helping each other not $#itting in each other’s cereal.

Happy hump day!


Hah hah… A reasonable “ask”. You’re talking like the characters on Billions.

There wasn’t anything sarcastic about my comment. BPM analysis is not perhaps the most fundamental part of DJing software. Not even close. Instant start and the ability to change the pitch in fine increments are the most fundamental parts of all live DJ mixing on the player/transport end.

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Every Traktor user will post almost the same thing. I feel for him. I’m a Traktor user also.

I wasn’t talking to you directly. It was just a general observation that amongst a few of us who regularly visit the site, there seems to be a lot of unofficial judgment. I too read his post and the one thing he was asking for was:

All I am saying is to let’s give people a chance to have a voice and ask questions. This was his thread not yours for example. You can start your own thread and topic. Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not trying to be an a$$…all I’m saying is if you disagree with an ask, leave it alone I guess. Denon will see the lack of interest in an ask and act accordingly and by the same token, if there is an idea that you agree with, than your positive feedback will let Denon know how many interested parties are involved. I just don’t see the point of negative comments where another user is sharing his/her opinion. This is not a debate forum. He has a right to ask a question and it’s just not productive at all when a bunch of people want to crap on it. If you can’t see that, I don’t know what else to say.


Because more and more “threatening” topics without any form of searching takes place here.

Topic starter stated “I will/can not buy this”.

I replied “okay”.

No sarcasm.

(My sarcastic reply, however, would be “better buy a new keyboard, caps-lock is stuck”…)


He’s got a valid point though. BPM analysis is still terrible, there is still no proper elastic beatgridding and I don’t think the high-end roll off on the SC5000 is fixed yet, despite having been promised some time ago.

Despite many promises both the SC units firmware and especially Prime need attention and everyone is still waiting.


Yes like already stated in many other topics.

The OP seems to be a new member so wouldn’t know what has been discussed across many topics previously.

I personally raised a thread about Prime BPM analysis probably 9 months ago and still waiting …


If you need BPM analysis to be able to DJ then you are better staying with a controller; loops aren’t great when it isn’t exact, but the rest should be by ears anyway.

That said, there is no reason for it to be proprietary, when it could easily use the BPM form ANOther pieces of software.

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Some older topics do need a bump.

You can do a “drive-by post” first, then steer to the proper thread later maybe? LoL

“If you need BPM analysis to be able to DJ then you are better staying with a controller; loops aren’t great when it isn’t exact, but the rest should be by ears anyway.”

That’s like saying I’ll disable my central heating timer and start a fire in the corner of my lounge instead.

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Don’t you wanna use the slicer or the roll?

Not really, no. They sound pretty ■■■■, especially when over used.

No, it’s like saying don’t buy a log burner if you can’t start a fire - get a gas or electric one instead.

Bpm analysis is great for me just for the fact it helps save my ears (I’m getting old eh) it also saves me time to have a beer and check out the ladies.

Music selection was always the root dj’n I thought. You don’t have to necessarily mix to rock a party.

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I hear u, but isn’t that why forums have moderators? To manage the site content/posts?