I cannot connect my brand new prime 4 to my iMac

I’ve connected an hard disk to my brand new prime 4 and I want initialise it but when I connect the console to my iMac (or any other pc) it keep looking for a computer to connect… please help

What format is the Mac drive? The prime 4 doesn’t like all formats. Does your prime 4 see usb drives inserted

If I use usb stick everything is ok but I need to see the console on my iMac for update it …my Mac drive is fat34

That’s normal, it always says that, check your finder, the P4 disk should be mounted. But it only works if you’ve an internal HD inside the Prime 4.

Now you’ll have to launch Engine Prime software and it will be there for song transfers once imported into crates and playlists.

I’ll give a try and I’ll let you know.