I can hear some things with faders down (Prelistening) x1850

hey guys …

can u tell me what ui can do to fix my problem ? firstival, i don’t wanna promote my soundcloud page or my mixes here but when u go to my latest mix and have a listen @ time 34:42 you can hear something in the backgound … this is maybe when i set a new track and hit cue button or so but my fader on this CH is down …

why i can hear that ?

mixer: x1850 || firmware: 1.3 || using broadcastmode for obs/twitch

Can you record a video of the problem? Unfortunately, the audio alone isn’t that helpful as there’s no way to verify what you were actually doing at the time in question.

Replicate it on video and drop it here.

Could it be that the recording program is looking at the mixer channels individually, rather than looking at the master output - or are the individual channels still post-fader/post-crossfader?

for Audacity i’m using Lines 9/10 and for OBS i’m using 1/2 ( all in broadcastmode) and i dont use the crossfader … only the the chann fader with plaing track is up … all others are down

but i have on audacity and on the recorded vid on obs the same problem …

Could you upload the clip of the recording to see what you were doing at the time and verify a few things could be helpful. I had an issue kinda like this but was to do with Fader start and the fader being ever so slightly open causing it to trigger.

To simplify your issue:

Does this happen with just the mixer connected to speakers and no other software involved?

If yes, your channel(s) is/are bleeding and you need to service it.

If only with software, put your focus on the settings.

Bleeding does happen on devices with bad faders. You wouldn’t be the first to experience this with any brand of mixer.

deactivated the broadcast mode and voila, no more issues !

Reopened by request.

möööp … problem still remains …

@Shain mixer isn’t connected to speakers i’m recording my sets over usb with audacity & obs studio i think it’s not a software problem, i have the same problem on my audacity & obs recording

will try to setup another cam for showing you guys how i’m mixing … but maybe someone will have a solution earlier…

I’m just curious but can you take a look at your bpm fx when this happens.

What ch is assigned to the effector and it’s settings when this happens.

I guess what I was trying to say is test the mixer on its own and leave the software out of the equation. If you still have bleeding issues than you will know it’s the mixer that’s the issue. If you don’t, we can focus on settings/software. Does that make sense?

here is a little video …

@ 19 sec. & 23 sec you can hear it …

here is the next one …

i think it’s not the software … it’s the mixer ! cry

It seems like this is happening when using the effector?

not everytime … it also happens when i dont use the bpm fx … instelled the 1.3 again and can mix 1hr without any issues … but i think thats not the fix … will test it farther …

will update you …

@Wyley1 do you have the same problem ?

seems this is a os bug. some of the fx cache is playing even if the fx is turned off. on prime4 we have a similar problem with roll fx. it played chunks of little bits from the last track … not ever, but sometimes. denon should investigate the fx section.

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have you tired a factory reset from the mixer menu? (not firmware install which you have done). worth a shot.

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is that still necessary after the update? but will try this when the problem still remains ! I could have come up with it myself :slight_smile:

What I think could be happening might have to do with where the assignment is for your bpm fx. The effector doesn’t have to be on just assigned to the channel you are using when this happens.

If you find this to be the case then it’s most likely a mixer bug. If not you might have to replace it.

Factory reset helps the new update sometimes, because it clears all unnessasary settings. And they will be setted to the right registers or variables. I would try this, too. I always set my system to factory settings, after update.