I am Thinking of buying, input please

Hello All,

I am a mobile DJ and at the moment I am using a DDJ SX2 with Serato dj Pro. Its fine, its funny that there are still glitches on the software even with the fast Mac that I am using. Anyways, Would you guys recommend the change to the prime 4? Those that have gone from Serato how do you find the change?

Thanks in Advance.


Honest opinion…which will probably upset some users on here. It’s been a tough slog mate…I’m moving from serato as well. Lots of updates needed, especially concerning the software which has been an issue for a long time from what I have read.

Dont take it as all bad mind, I mean the machine itself is beautiful, sturdy and well thought out. The sound quality is as you would expect, fantastic!

Few issues with the VU I’ve had seem to be settings related and I’m still getting everything setup to be perfect for my mixing style but it’s getting there.

I considered sending it back but honestly the whole switch has made me work harder on my mixing and setup so I’m hoping in the long run I gain some experience from the whole thing.

It’s my first denon setup and upto today I’m still not fully happy, BUT, I am confident that after a month or two I’ll wonder how i managed without it.

Hope this helps :grin:

Nothing wrong with your honesty.

@Nubium it all depends on what you like most about Serato + the SX2.

I don’t have the Prime 4 but own a pair of the 5000 and in the last year the 5000M.

I still do all of my gigs with a Serato set up, I like quick set ups, I play music videos, I use flip, I use secondary sorting (key + bpm), I like flexible gridding disco and funk tunes, I like having my vertical waveforms next to each other (P4 has horizontal ones now)

There is actually no real incentive for me to take the players out to gig with minus the 1 wedding which I was the only entertainment. I used the OG 5000 + serato.

The whole standalone situation will make you work harder eg something as simple as managing your library can drive you loco if you are used to seratos simplicity.

I have tried the Prime4 at my local store but I think I’m going to pass on it. Keeping my eye on the SRT for now.

Engine Prime has grown in the last year or so but I will be dishonest if I say it’s not got a long way to go.

Just keep an open mind if you decide to buy.

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The hardware rocks imho. So, we are all b*tching about the quality of the software. I wonder if anyone remembers Rekordbox version 1.0 or - much more recent - the first release of the Performance Mode Rekordbox (only a few years ago, but pretty limited and not all that stable).

That said, there are (3rd-party) options out there to still use Serato for all your prep work, but use only your Prime 4 while gigging out.

The last year or two I have been seriously considering giving up on the game. I love playing but got tired of the limitations of my SX and Mixvibes Cross on my Macbook and the hassle of lugging it around, connecting it up and everything.

When I played my first short gig with the P4 a few weeks ago, I suddenly got THE feeling back! This is what it was/is supposed to be. Bring your controller, connect mic, speakers and power cord. Turn it on and then turn the party on. End of the night, undo the 4 cables, stick it in your softbag, walk to the taxi and go home.

The P4 may just have extended my active DJ career by another couple of years!


As the others have said, if you like the hardware and are adept at learning your way around the limitations of the preparation software, you will love it.

However, coming from the simplicity of Serato to this is like going from a Toyota to a Bugatti (no disrespect to either Toyota or Serato).

They both are phenomenal for simplicity and just plain work …Everyday.

However, the Bugatti(Denon Prime series), you have to learn to drive a stick, you will be floored (literally) with the power and features and it will test your abilities like nothing else.

In theory, it migrates your Serato library over to the Denon software, but your mileage may vary, as again the weak link is the Engine Prime software, that may frustrate you to no end.

That being said, welcome to the Terror Dome, as it will make you really, really enjoy Dj’ing again, as Dj_Vintage said. I lose about 5 hours every time I say I will just play a couple of tracks to practice…it’s that fun.

Keep in mind…Denon says there will be Serato support, but definitely don’t buy it on something that may never materialize.

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Never heard of a Bugatti, it’s only the fastest street legal car ever made…Bugatti Chiron…300+MPH

Yeah I forgot to mention the serato link in the works. I think after about two weeks I’ve almost got to a point which I can work with regarding setup. Workflow is still a work in progress working around moving things from serato to engine prime to the unit meanwhile losing some cue points (annoying, but not the end of the world). After work I’m gonna give it another few hours, practice …practice… practice lol

You’re difficult to understand when you go meandering around the houses lol

I have to ask what problems are you having with your Serato setup? That’s my bigger question. It’s nothing but solid and absolutely perfect for my gigs.

The grass isn’t always greener. You have an excellent setup!

On the flip side of that my Prime 4 has been flawless BUT if you are an open format DJ your mileage may vary with its search options and trying to bang out everything out on the touch screen.

I wish there were some more ways to search stuff. And while our screens are nice and big it’s also not possible to fit more info on them. Wish we had some display options as it can feel super cramped on there sometimes. I’m still bringing my laptop and using Serato to search instead of using the P4. That’s a problem and I know it.

We still don’t have Pitch Play. That was a big part of my remixing and it’s mostly gone as it’s not available on the pads. I know I can travel up and down via the screen but it just ain’t the same.

The Engine Prime software isn’t being updated in a timely fashion and that’s a problem. We keep hearing it’s coming but it’s been a slow road for working DJs. It feels like forever. The most recent update helped with some of the slowness but it didn’t address the BPM issues. I know there are people working hard on it but when you’re out there using it for your living it just subtracts major points from the Prime system which isn’t fair to our amazing hardware. And honestly it’s not fair to the super awesome Denon people who help out on the forums here. They read and stomach an awful lot from us and they deserve more. I know their living also comes from this stuff.

The SX2 jogs are better. You should also know that.

Saying all of this. I’ve fully invested in the Prime vision. All of it. SC5000s/X1800. Prime 4. I want Denon to succeed. We DID just get another Prime 4 update! It’s a Beta but it’s something. I like that Denon is testing the waters doing this.

And Denon ARE good about listening to us about additions to our hardware. The streaming features being added is an absolute Godsend to mobile DJs who won’t necessarily count on it, but it will give us one more reason and way to leave the laptop in the bag for those random-off the wall requests.

And I tell ya. The amazing value (which has to be mentioned here) of the P4 can’t be left out of all of this. What we get in this pretty compact box is pretty amazing! But you have to be committed to what Denon are trying to do with it.

So yeah after my long and winding road of a response I’m back to this. What problems are you having with your current setup? :slight_smile:

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question of the decade. :fist_left:t5:

To justify buying the new new shiny gear many will find faults in their current set up, which has served us near perfect up until the moment we decide to splurge a bit. At the end of it all we are all gear geeks and if money wasn’t an issue I’m sure most will buy every thing out there just to play with.

Grass is always greener, except you don’t mind mowing, watering and adding some lawn feed a bit.


Using the car analogy to me Serato is like a good 4 x 4 (Toyota Landcruiser or Range Rover) whilst the Prime Gear set is like a luxury Super car that is low (lets go with Bugatti that you bought for a great discount with personal support by fantastic support team)

The 4x4 can do everything you throw at it, need to go get milk at Tesco, school runs, friend is moving house, hell you can even sleep in it if your Mrs or Mr throws you out of the house.

The Bugatti makes head turn but you can’t visit the in-laws with it because they leave on a farm.

The Bugatti needs extra attention to get going eg only a certain type of fuel and engine oil. But when you are driving it you feel the luxury

With all that power in the hood, you live in a 50km/hr zone and the few road trips that will allow you travel on 120km/hr roads …you worry about the gas mileage :racing_car::racing_car::racing_car:

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120km/h is a road trip? Guess you don’t live in/near Germany :smiley:

No Autobahn out here in the west west. German autobahns are an outlier

I don’t believe any other country has that

120km/hr Ireland 70mph UK 120km/hr Nigeria


Yes, I would

do you think P4 will be supported by Serato?

Some day it will I would say.

Exactly what i would say

What have you found particularly annoying? Aside from the software because that goes without saying :joy::man_facepalming:

No it’s not. Koenigsegg is faster.

Hi, this prime 4 is astonishing, it works. I use rekordbox, serato, virtual dj…

I used the Pioneer RX2… all good softwares/units

The prime 4 is a new product, reliable, with some lacks but it works well and without a computer.

Engine Prime is like in a beta version, not practical in real use, but it exists.

Since I bought it, we had the firmware update with horizontal waveform (too big and not well done), we now have the beta 1.4 No doubt Denon will update the prime 4 in the future.

It’s not Serato or Rekordbox, it’s different, fast, user friendly, good. You won’t regret it as a standalone unit

Hi, I have P4! I think enough is said by previous posts, so will not write same again. Sure the software need improvement, and will get it for sure. The harware is above any doubt! And most important, I can’t explain why, but you get the feeling of analogic mixing again. You have to work! I come from vinyl (since 1997), then CDJ, then traktor, so I know what I mean… Enjoy P4!


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