Hum on Unbalanced Master Output

As the title says, I seem to have a ridiculously loud hum on the master output. Anybody else experienced this?

Tell us a little more. What are you trying to hook up, what cables you hooking up with. Any “heavy” machinery near? (For example old dimmer packs for lighting that your unbalanced signal runs by is a surefire way to get hum). As it’s unbalanced, there could very well be an grounding/ground loop issue.

Exactly why balanced out exists.

Don’t forget, it’s not all about the noise the actual cable will pick up on the way but it works in rejecting any noise generated from ground loops.

You could run the RCA cable perfectly fine, away from all interference… but the hum is being picked up through the earth on the power of the audio equipment.

The solution is to use the balanced out.

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Thank you both. Ive now ordered the Cables to use balanced out. There are no unusual items near the DJ Stand as they are all housed elsewhere in the venue. In front of it tho is an Active Speaker/Monitor and a Passive one. Other than that there is just the MC7000 and the Laptop thats connected to it. (Hum is still present without the laptop) .

Update: The Balanced out still hums with the new cables. Its only from the Sub tho. Strangely the Sub does not hum if the in house sound system is running. Im going to take in my other controller this weekend to see if its still present. It mat me a coincidence, but the hum was never there when I used that.

And. Did the problem cease when you used the other controller?

Not had a chance to try yet, Hired my s4 out for a couple of gigs. I’ll update as soon as I can.

Final Verdict: I had a guest DJ with me last night. He brought his X2 and 1210’s. Plugged it into the same feed and it still hums. Sourced it to mainly the Sub. So thats going to need its cable checking.

On the plus side, the venue director has informed me there will be new speakers, and new wiring to match (at some point).

So glad its not the MC7000 tho.

*Z2 not x2 :wink: