HUGE work - Loops, hotcues etc GONE

I don’t know what is happening with this software, about month ago when i started with EP i did huge work with my collection, loops, cues, tracks etc from Taktor library. At some point i wanted to update my EP from traktor collection (as i use it still) and as soon as You update traktor collection, you loose all work work done in EP-s collection! WHY??? Shouldn’t these too not be directly connected? If you remove traktor collection, you loose also EP-s collection, which is ridiculous. Makes me ask the question, who made this program :S. I have huge work to be done now and i don’t know if i even want to. Sorry for venting, i’m sure most of users may be happy with EP and know the dangers clicking something that messes up the collection.

Every time I update my collection in EP I take a full backup in triplicate, written on parchment with snake blood then carved in stone.

You really shouldn’t have to but I’ve been cought out and had to redo my collection several times now.

Many will disagree but EP is not fit for purpose.

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Update, was able to restore EP engine library from Apple timemachine backup.

Good news. Remember to backup next time :slight_smile:

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