How to video dj with denon sc6000 and x1850

I beig trying to lear the system of denon but is so difficult. Compared to pioneer. I am used to plug and play so 98% of the dj world wide Using serato will I be able to play video content and fo karaoke as well. I dj at home and few giga here and there sometimes local bars. Need help asap. Thank you…

As in the other thread, there is no support from Serato (nothing to do with Denon) for the SC6000/X1850 (yet).

There are, however, other DJ software that supports video playback that is compatible with those models.

To be honest this is a case of where you should have done some research before spending the money…


I’d get what you saying I always make the same mistake what other dj software is compatible with denon sc6000 and x1850?? thanks

Virtual DJ is compatible

You should buy a Serato controller.

I’m a video DJ and use VirtualDJ with my MCX8000 and it works perfectly.

He probably has one already, I could be wrong

@DJ_DEE_NICE can still use his set up with USB DVS signal with Serato if it’s crucial.

The x1850 mixer is Serato ready already.

I can see where a potential buyer may get confused about feature set especially with any mention of serato on both products information page

hello, would it work with sc6000 and x1850 I dj in local bars parties weddings and in my house, well now is 100% my house do to what’s going on in the world it gives me time to adjust to the denon controller so you think virtual dj will work with my set up ??? thanks

Both the mixer and players are supported so can’t see any reason why not.

Just buy a 1 month subscription to the software to see if it works out for you.

Virtual DJ, I checked and it is compatible so what I said in both this and the other thread about it being Serato’s problem rather than Denon’s holds true - the SDK is available to vendors, they just need to add support for it.

Virtual DJ have, Serato haven’t.

These are standalone devices. Controller function was added later and should be considered a bonus - it wasn’t in the initial release features. Don’t confuse the two.