How to turn master button off on SC5000 after updating to Engine Dj v 2.0

After updating my SC5000s to Engine Dj v2.0 , I Can’t Turn my Master button off , and the white line is always on clock , Does anyone know how to disable it ?

Shift+ sync? Anyway, all djs asked for it to be always on

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no man Shift + sync is not the answer, thanks though

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ive got this aswell, my sc6000 are stuck on sync master , tried everything I know ??

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it’s completely change the way of your playing , it’s a bummer . i hope someone have an idea about how to fix this …

I think the reason is that the phase meter that is now active (sync or no sync) needs something to drive it.

How does it work with CDJs?

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I had this issue then it magically fixed itself at the start sync was permanently on

Cdj’s always have a master on, and automatically another deck takes over when You stop the master.