How to sync beatgrid from USB Stick back to engine prime?

Hey all,

i edited the beatgrid of some track on the sc6000 on my usb stick. i accessed the stick via engine prime and opened sync manager. Sync to engine prime is not clickable even thaugh I can load the track once from the lib and once from usb stick to see the difference in the beat grid…

How can i sync my changes back from usb stick to EP library ?

Hi Stephen,

maybe this Thread is helpful:

Imho - it is currently not possible to sync changes made on Prime-Hardware back to Repository with Engine Prime…

then the button in sync manager is only for show ? or just to sync tracks but not meta data? I dont get it, i dont want to adjust the beatgrid in Engine Prime but on my sc6000

but according to manual should be working

I also try now to use compute rmode to use the platter for grid adjustment and save it directly to EP , cant get it running to

UPDATE: nvm i just saw that grid info is not shared -.- such ashame. can someone instead explain laptop setup witth 2 sc6000 and 1850 mixer?