How to show comments in track info on SC5000

I work with Soca and Reggae tracks and use loops to blend tracks smoothly.

I have added comments to tracks with loops that I like to use.

I wanted to know if it is possible to add the comments to the track when searching any kind if flag that i can use the signify that is has a loop.

*I moved over from Traktor and a feature that I found very useful was being able to give a track with a loop a color (track xyz would have a highlight of green or any color i chose) which made it really load tack with loops.

This could be a great added feature in the next version of EP.

Thank you



I agree, it would be great to be able to search via comments, but it’s not possible yet. The only way to view comments is to long press on the track name.

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Think is something in the pipeline however we can not confirm a release date.


I have also written a lot of information to comments, so it would be nice to see those from track. E.g. I have added information from cue points and what kind of parts track includes, so I can join beat from another and melody from another and hihats from thirth, but now I cannot see the comments when I am browsing tracks and when I am playing track. So I have lost a lot of prework I have done. Otherwise I love my SC5000Ms, so hopefully team finds some kind of solution for this.

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Hi there! Any news on this? I personally prepare huge playlists and for me it’s handy to be able to view a small line with “hints” to help me remember where to use certain effects and so. I basically use it as a mnemonic.

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Hi Chloe,

Any news on this one? It’s been a year. If you guys are short on developer hands, perhaps make engine prime open source and let the community help a hand. I am an experienced developer. If I can help…