How to save power on Prime Go?

Hey all, just got my Prime go delivered yesterday and had a blast out in the woods with it! One thing I’m wondering is if there is any way to save battery power on the machine, say through settings or adapting ones usage (except for the screen brightness setting - I do know about that one). Does anyone have any experiences?

In general I feel the battery life is a bit less than advertised. I can maybe get three hours out of it, I think.

If you don’t need wifi, turn it off. Should safe you some battery. If we go outside with the unit and need it for longer, we bring a Powerbank with us.

Ah yes, WiFi is a good tip. What kind of power bank do you use?

I think it’s that one: Amazon Link

Thanks for the tip.

I’m also wondering if it makes a difference if songs are already analysed, vs. using an unprepared USB stick with just audio files on it. I’m thinking analyzing might drain the battery more quickly?

I would guess so. Analyze the tracks before.