How to save and use?

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As far as I know there is no real manual, just video’s and q&a’s.

Can someone tel me what the differece is between:

Save Project

Export Project

Export to control one


Save Lightshow

fyi: I have the Soundswitch one

next question: I tried to open the soundswitch files in engine but there is no dot at the autoscripted tracks. after a couple of times I see the dots but after a while there gone. What’s happening

for now it looks like a nice controller but a step by step manual would be handy.

Agreed. In addition there are many items on the menus along the top of the software that need explanation.

Even the popup text that can be enabled, telling you the function of various icons, is incomplete.

Are you running it on PC? IMO the library view on the left side is much too narrow, cutting off a lot of the text in that column - and it can’t be resized.

On the Mac that was used in the demo videos, the library view appears wider. Why the discrepency? @Matthew.W

Running on a pc.

I bought the one because it looks great in the video’s. But working with it is a nightmare. So many thing are incomplete or not explaned.

exemple… I select 500 tracks for auto script… The caculation goes perfect. But after calc when I select a track there is no script.

I worked with al lot of dmx programs the last years but this is a real sucker. I just can’t figger out how to program. The program saves a lot of files but I have no idea what to do with it or how to use it.

another thing: after autoscripting, something is saved in the tag of the mp3 file. But I want want to know WHAT!!! There is no information to find

I also noticed that the synchronization of the SW project file with Engine Lighting does not work reliably.

For some tracks the dot is not displayed for some, although all tracks have an autoscript.

I have therefore set the function in Engine to “OFF”

The safest method is to manually copy the SW project to your medium after making changes to the script.

Unfortunately, this means that you have to copy the file back to the medium every time you make changes.

But so you can be 100% sure that it works.

If your SS icons have disappeared in SW on the desktop - simply click on “Rebuild Trackmap” in the options menu and they are back

If you analyze your MP3 file with MP3tag (after generating the script with SS), you will discover that a new TAG has been added that contains a long sequence of characters and numbers (ID TAG) and that it will be the same as the name of the generated script in the folder of SS.

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please reach out to and we will help you.

This is mostly due to the difference in screen resolution between Mac and PC. PC hardware tends to have lower quality screens than MAC (hence MAC having a higher price range)

This all depends on your screen type size and resolution.

There are some settings you can change that will help to fix this.

Please email and we will work with you remotely to fix these issues.

Maybe if you can write here the procedure to perform the resize to fit even lower resolution screens (1366x768) it would be nice. :smiley:

Well surely the software should be written to cope with different resolutions and operating systems.

Seems you’re a Mac guy :slight_smile: because PC hardware is NOT necessarily “lower quality”. There’s a much greater variety on the PC side because it’s not restricted to one manufacturer.

The screens on this (tower) PC and my laptop are both standard full HD resolution, so nothing unusual.

I’m surprised that the issue seems to have slipped past any beta testing that may have been done by PC users, or perhaps they’ve all got 4K screens :grin: