How to remove this?

Please help. I removed screws but i cant remove that small board with faders. somehow is attached to device I want change faders but cant move that small board. i cant see more screw down there . What to do ?

Is this board also having some potentiometers on it? If yes, take the potentiometer knobs off and check for nuts under it.

hey i show what is under. it looks like anyway like that little board is independent of knobs is rather connected only into faders.

Level meters are screwd to the housing and I see that they are also soldered to that PCB - unscrew the level meters and check.

I removed level meters but there are no any screws to remove board. what i noticed is…i can move somehow middle part of that board up but something blocking that little board from left and right side. its like middle are of board is free to move up - but left and right edges something holding that board in that places, its like around pitch faders. it can be pitch faders itself ?

Can You share the photo from the pitch fader area?

! !

yes. please help.

But on the other side, this side was already visible…

this is very strange. whats next ?

Check the marked places for screws

yes thats it. now i’,m in ! thx

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