How to record mix directly from mixer


How can i record mix from directly mixer’s output channel? Can i connect digital audio recorder to the mixer?



… char limit :roll_eyes:

Joxani thank you for support!

Which digital audio recorder wouls you recommend me to buy? My goal is to record highest quality wav files.


well since you have a completely digital chain in this case the quality of the recordings should always be good. hence which recorder you have is not that important.

just make sure the recorder does not alter the signal in some way.

Perhaps it would be more relevant to supply us with the mixer type?

as long as the mixer has a digital output it makes no difference.

The problem using the (master) output of a mixer for recording, is that it will fluctuate the signal level with the master. So if you change it during your gig (which is a pretty standard things to have happen, usually louder as the night moves forward), so will the recording level. Preferably you would use a record out option. This is independent of master volume and will provide you with a constant recording level throughout your set.

Thank you guys! I’ve not purchased mixer nor DAR yet. I’m in searching of them… Thinking about buying small size 5 or 8 input channel mixer and Zoom H4 record2er. Hope it’s gonna work!