How to record dj set with dn-x120?

hi i would like to record my dj set with audacity with the dn-x 120. There is no rec output so te only way i can plug is on L and R and own its written UMBAL. I put the 2 cables white and red then i put the jackk on my computer and i open audacity but then nothing happen. I guess i have to set up something on audacity ? Or maybe i need external sound card ? And also because there is actually only 1 output i dont have speaker anymore… so how can i mix ? i dont have ampli or staff like that. Maybe i can use my bluethooth speaker ? Thanks

A external soundcard would be the best option (with a pair of RCA inputs). But, your problem seems to be Audacity. Did you select your internal audio interface in the drop-down list? Adjusted the recording level? Made sure it’s not muted in the OS settings?

Also, you can get TS-RCA unbalanced cable and connect your speakers that way and use RCA for recording. Another option is to get a external interface that will record the signal from the RCA inputs and at the same time output it through the RCA outputs (also known as pass-through)


and what about external usb soundcard ? it cost 2 euros on ebay . is it good enough ? because i dont have line output on my laptop. only microphone one.

I would rather go for something like Behringer UCA202 (only $30) or similar.