How to protect your equipemt when DJing outside

Now that the Summer is here (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere anyway :slight_smile: ) We will once again be DJing a lot more at parties and venues out side in the open air and the elements affecting our ability to work stress free will be hindered. Have you seen this product to help shiled your laptop? It’s only got a few backers but I think it’s great and looks real simple to use. Has anyone else seen it, what do you think?

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Then don’t take those sorts of bookings

I turn down bookings which are running on generators, noise limiters, no cover (rain) , no cover (bright sun) and stairs, excessive distances from nearest van parking or hall entrance.

You just can’t be everybody’s servant.

Sometimes, certain parties have a certain prestigious appeal despite one or more of the above, in which case, I price accordingly.

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It’s his own product - he’s advertising.

I did try to find some forum rules, because often on forums advertising is not permitted.

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I didn’t thoroughly check. I’ll be closing this one up.