How to play track repeatedly?

how to play track repeatedly? Not Serato. USB only. I have short loops and I want them to repeat in the player. I don’t want to use loop function. Thanks

You have loops but you don’t want to use the loop function? Why not?

Perhaps if you explain a bit further we can put our heads together and come up with a solution.

I just want to play one track over and over. It can even let the cell phone play repeatedly, right?

As @Shain pointed out, set a loop for the full song.

I don’t want to set anything, I just want the song to play around.

If you don’t want to set loops, which takes a second by the way, then your other options are:

  • use an audio editor program to make yourself a 1 hour or 24 hour version whichever suits , of the track you want to be lasting forever without a loop

  • make yourself a playlist featuring that song , followed by that song, with that song after, leading into that song, then that song… you get this idea I hope.

  • be sure to find audiences with very short memories

Thanks for the answer, I thought I would do it, but I was looking for an easier option. Sad that such a large machine cannot do ordinary repetition of a song. Never mind I’ll figure it out differently.

It can. Set a loop!

You say that you don’t want to set anything - well you’re going to have to set something, because the normal operation is to play a track once, then stop. If you want it to loop, you need to set a loop.