How to Integrate Prime Series into Home Recording Studio

What’s the best way to fully integrate my Denon Prime Series DJ equipment setup into my home music recording studio to (1) improve production workflow and (2) connect my DJ equipment audio output signal to my computer and DAW?

The goal is to seamlessly record into the DAW to create DJ mixes, pre-recoded sets, samples and clips. I would also like the DJ equipment audio to run through my studio monitors as well.

Question. How do I connect the x1800 mixer to my computer/DAW? Do I do this directly? If so, how? Or is it accomplished indirectly via an audio interface? How? Which connections need to be made and which cables should be used?

  1. Do I use the PC Link Port?
  2. Do I use the USB 1 /USB2 port on top of the mixer?
  3. Do I use the MIDI OUT port?
  4. Do I use Digital Link Out port?
  5. Do I use the Master Balanced XLR ports?

Long story short, I’m simply looking for the best possible set-up. Any advice would be deeply appreciated! Thanks!

  • DJ Equipment: SC5000 / X1800
  • DAW - Ableton Live Suite 10
  • MIdi Controller - Ableton Push 2 and Akai MPK 261
  • Audio Interface - Focusrite Scarlett 18i20
  • Monitor Controller - PreSonus Central Station Plus
  • Computer - Mac
  • Monitors - Nearfield , Midfield and Subwoofer

Focusrite 18i20 audio interface has the following inputs:

  1. S/PDIF
  2. MIDI
  3. Optical
  4. MIC/LINE INPUTS (XLR - 1/4”)

PreSonus Central Station Plus Monitor Controller is being used to control all studio monitors and is linked to Focusrite 18i20 audio interface via Toslink or S/PDIF Digital Inputs.

Well, several ways to do this.

Connecting USB port1 or port2 of the mixer: You’ll get a “10 in / 10 out” audiocard on your computer. Channel 9+10 is master. Rest is stereo per channel.

Connecting COAX: Digital Out to your Focusrite for recording. Pick a Digital In if you want to play back to the mixer.

Connecting MIDI: Only use this if you want to sync to a MIDI device like a drummachine etc.

Connecting Ethernet: Not supported/available right now.


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