How To - Importing VDJ filter folders and virtual folders to Engine Prime

Rather than spend an eternity making new crates in EP and adding tracks manually, I have found a method of transferring the “crates” from VDJ to EP.

In VDJ, click on the filter or virtual folder you want, so that the tracks appear in the main VDJ browser window. Highlight all of them (or some) and drag them across to the sidelist area. From there you can save to M3U. Unfortunately you can’t export straight to M3U - you have to do it from the sidelist area.

Then import the M3U files into iTunes. At this point you can access them from EP. In EP you can create a new crate or playlist by right clicking on the listed iTunes playlist/crate.

Now I have all my VDJ “crates” on the Prime 4. Yay! :star_struck:

Side lists and everything on the low half of the VDJ screens was just one of the reasons I no longer use it.

But , putting that off to one side , great tip of yours about the moving of crates out of VDJ

The low half? I guess you haven’t used VDJ in many years then!

The sidelist, automix, karaoke etc. is all on the right hand side of the browser window now - and each view can be turned on/off, so if you don’t use them, you can hide them.

VDJ 8 was when they lost me as a user. Nothing stayed visible where you put it and was never where you left it next time you opened up. Laptops and DJing = heatwaves and snowballs

Can you not just drag the entire crate from VDJ to Prime? That’s what I do from iTunes (create the crate in Prime, highlight all the tracks, drag them to crate in Prime).

I have no idea if that would work. There’s a lot about VDJ that’s non “OS standard”. Besides, I’ve done the job now.

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