How to do a vinyl rip on a Prime 4

Hello people - any experience of making vinyl rips would be greatly appreciated. I’m having to downsize from way too much vinyl and this feature would be brilliant. I’ve seen a couple of UK DJ’s are using it but are there any instructions please?

Many thanks TN

Disclaimer that I haven’t actually done this, but I’d assume it’s as simple as plugging your turntable into one of the channels on the back, changing the channel to PHONO input, then make sure your channel trim is turned up nice and loud without clipping into the blue so your recording will have a good clean signal

Then you can just use the built-in recording function to record a WAV file of the record as it plays through

Optionally you could also use something like Audacity to split up the recording into individual tracks, and maybe remove dead air from the start/end of the tracks.

Then you can use a tag editor like Mp3Tag to add proper metadata, album covers etc. to the track files

Hi OzoneNZ, I’m pleased you’ve responded. Many thanks. Usually these things are a little more involved so I’m just cautious about the unexpected simplicity.


Thorr Neddson

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