How to change the rating of a song in Engine OS

Maybe I am missing sometimes but I was trying to change the rating of a song when it was playing on my SC6000 but did not find any possibility to do so.

Is it so hidden or not possible at this time.

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Not possible

Is there a reason for this ? I mean we can create playlists but are not able to change the rating’s?


You’re new here aren’t ya? :crazy_face:

Somehow, this still isn’t possible. I’m sure it’s a pretty high request though.

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How in the world did you notice it :slight_smile:

I always thought, not listen to the community and taking years to deliver useful features is unique to Traktor Pro. :frowning:

Ha! In all fairness they HAVE given us the very best standalone experience of anyone! But there are still some things that haven’t come yet that are real head-scratchers. :stuck_out_tongue:

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