How to Backup Your Engine Library

As you know, beta builds of any software application are not fully qualified and may contain bugs. To protect your Engine Prime collection, it is essential you following one of the two suggested workflow practices below.

1. Zipped Folder Method (Uses existing collection)

Back up your collection by zipping your system’s Music \ Engine Library folder. This is where your system collection is stored. You can unzip this folder to repair your Engine Library at any point in time. Just delete the damaged Music \ Engine Library folder first, and then replace with the zipped version.

2. Rename Folder Method (Creates a new collection)

Keep a separate Music \ Engine Library folder version for Public and Beta.

Make a copy of the system’s Music \ Engine Library folder and rename to “Engine Library (Public)”. The first time you open Engine Prime, a new Engine Library folder will be created. Use this clean collection for Beta use.

If switching back to the public version:

  • Rename the current “Engine Library” folder to "Engine Library (Beta)"
  • Rename the “Engine Library (Public)” folder to "Engine Library"

If switching back to Beta version:

  • Rename the “Engine Library” folder back to "Engine Library (Public)"
  • Rename the current “Engine Library (Beta)” folder back to "Engine Library"

It is also recommended to use separate removable media devices for Public and Beta use. Label/name them as “Beta” or “Public” and keep them separate.

If you don’t have additional media devices, you can always follow either of the 2 methods above for the Engine Library folder on your removable media device.

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