How to add reverse or dump effect?

Is there a way to add this underrated effect technique to the effects que?

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What if it’s already there? On the players there is slip reverse that is called censor.

I was wondering if you mean headphone cue?

Currently the effects aren’t added in the headphone cue, only on the master.

No one mentioned any headphones here…

oh i found it alright and its epic!! OLDSKOOL MAYHEM IN FULL EFFECT!!

No one mentioned any headphones here…

Not directly, but the last word in OPs post is “que”.

Did he mean cue, or queue, or was he breaking into Spanish?

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He wrote que, but full word is queue and it is referred to a Product effects development line.

It’s from british english, american english word for this is line (in example: waiting line)

where is it?

Where is what?

slip reverse censor on Prime Go

Yeah, I just wondered if it was a mis-spelling of “effects cue”.

I thought he was asking to add the effect to the cue, which would be headphone cue.

Not sure where it is on the Prime Go, I said it’s on the players (SC5000/5000M/6000/6000M)

ok that was confusing cause this is a Prime Go thread.

To the OP: Perhaps a good idea to NOT capitalize your subject line. It’s considered YELLING and thus impolite.

Good idea. Changed.