How to add custom DMX mapping?

In case a fixture is not in the library, can I add my own DMX mappings?

I’m not sure you can, because:

A) There’s no full written manual

B) The FAQ on their web site says that you need to send them the details and they will add it

I think I’ve seen it to be added by request quite quickly.

I had a fixture added in a few hours. It was a complicated fixture too but as long as you have the manual they add it in under 24 hours usually.

The Robe Robin PROmotion is a moving head projector and we have two here. Nice bit of kit and added in no time.

Their customer service is very fast and helpful.


What’s up @r2square,

It’s best to get in touch with SoundSwitch directly. They’ve been most helpful to me in the past. If your particular lights aren’t found, they can add them or direct you to a fixture with the same DMX configuration. Check the link below:

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