How’s Abelton Link working out for y’all?

I can only tempo sync so far. I tried everything to beat sync but still unable to do it.

I fixed my x600 (it’s like new now) and was surprised that Traktor was able to send tempo to my x600 and my loopstation. But not beat synced which makes sampling really hard.

Also It seems that my prime deck sends tempo changes but doesn’t receive it.

How are you guys using Abelton Link now that it’s arrived?

I use it to keep my Maschine Plus in line with the tracks. Always remember how the ableton link sync establishes the MASTER - first device to run in session is the lead. Next devices to join it will get synced to the master. If You want to change the session lead master, you would need to unlink the first started unit from that session, and the next unit in link will auto take over the lead. Then You can sync to it.

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Anyway to turn off/on link service without menu diving in the prime deck?

And how are you beat syncing? For me it seems like it’s always off by 1/8 to sync measure on my loopstation. And it seems like I have to fight Traktor to drop in a track on beat and measure.

In Traktor settings, transport, you can specify that decks should use beat sync mode.

It seems to allow me to sync up a remix deck to my SC6000s.

I guess I don’t yet understand how the tempo adjustments work. Once I set this up, Link on the primes showed my initial tempo of 122bpm.

When I adjust the tempo slider of the SC6000 the deck adjusts as normal, but the Link tempo remains at 122. Not what I’d have expected.

You gotta hit the sync button on the deck. The master will light up and you’re good to go.

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On Maschine I can offset the time to compensate.

I did try using the sync button. I’ll have to play with it again.

Turn on link in Traktor after you set the deck to link.

I’m gonna play with it more. There’s no offset for link in Traktor. Only for midi

Yeah, having an on/off switch within the “Control Center Menu” would be ideal. Menu diving to turn Ableton Link on or off is not ideal. I guess one of us should make a feature request for that.

Otherwise, I’ve been LOVING Ableton Link…been using it with Grooverider GR-16, Patterning 2, Koala Sampler, and Launchpad iOS apps, as well as with Ableton Live. It’s everything I hoped it would be!!

Now that we have Ableton Link support, I am going to buy an Akai Force.


Ok, basically Abelton Link is analogous to a 1,2,3,4 metronome. When I start the first track on the master deck I have to line it up with the link’s beat counter.

Sadly its not working for me at all and weirdly I seem to have the opposite problem somehow :sweat_smile:

Im using 2 6000s and a Xone 96 and want to sync some external pedal type effects units (Eventide H9 and Strymon Nightsky, which I both really would recommend by the way) via Ableton Link and MIDI

It should work like this: SC6000 Tempo –> Ableton Tempo → MIDI over USB → Pedals…

But somehow Ableton is always the “master” (from which I understand there shouldn’t be one in Ableton link) regardless of which link is started first etc. Pressing master buttons on the players doesn’t change a thing… Any advice?

According to the description of Ableton link at Ableton website, the device/software that is the longest in session is the link. After exiting the session another “oldest” takes over.

Yeah, I already read that, so that was my understanding as well. Somehow its not working that way for me though. I gotta say I have tried to use it via my home WiFi just for testing purposes, but already ordered myself a switch so I can try it again with some network cables.

This seem like a lot of delay. Is Ableton link translation to midi working good actually?

I need to make a video debunking this.

I tried a couple of apps for my iPhone to relay link to midi. Most of them have lag until I tried it with Dj player pro.

I am running pure wifi. My SC5000M’s vi awofi with tp-link and Maschine Plus via Wifi. Router is about 6m away. All goes well.

How do you like sampling with machine? And which mixer are you using?

Why would you think there is a lot of delay, Ableton Link is normally quite low latency and its output of that tempo via MIDI via USB shouldn’t add much latency either…

Regarding the translation: I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t work, since Ableton does it for some time now…but I haven’t tested further yet, since Link wouldn’t work as I want it to. I gave it another go today, but couldn’t get it to work :frowning: As soon as I activate Ableton link on the player with track(s) running (prior ro the Macbook obv) the Sync and Master functionality is all deactivated – even within 2 layers of the same deck (verified by the stacked waveform view). I wonder if the network cable to connect the 2 players for Denon DJ Link maybe messes things up?!

Router is about 2m and one wall from me, so it isn’t the problem for sure

When I turn on link on my deck I press the sync button on the layer I’m using. Then I move the pitch fader to see if the tempo for link is changing.

If Abelton link on your deck says 120 and you load a track at 130 you gotta move pitch fader till your reach 120.

Would certainly be appreciated ^^ I assume doing this with basically any laptop is better?! Im using a MacBook Pro 15" 2012 core i7. Still works quite well for most stuff.

Hm interesting. Im gonna need some more testing that’s for sure.