How many units can be linked to one Tidal account?

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how many prime units can be linked to 1 tidal hifi acc?

For example 2 dj’s on the road with the same tidal account playing on the same evening same set time possible?

I would like to hear the possibilities! Kind regards, Michael.

Is that a family account? A standard account is for a single user, so two DJs should not be using it.

Hi PK,

Thanks for the response so when it is a family account tidal is abble to being used on multiple prime devices at the same time?

Hallo @Michaelvangrootveld, welkom op het forum!

I think this is more a question for Tidal. Apart from the type of account used or licensing, will they accept multiple concurrent logons from the same account from different ip-addresses?

There’s no limit to how many devices can be used at once. However, you are breaking your agreement with Tidal by sharing the account and breaking the law, if you live in the US (Licensing Fraud).

I have 2 x SC5000’s 1 x Prime Go and 1 x Prime 2 all on the same account but they are never used at the same time.

I have had issues in the past with 2 x SC5000’s if you open a lot of songs in quick succession you sometimes get an error and have to wait a few mins before trying again. Not had it for a while tho.

So I suspect tidal have some sort of limit on unique devices that can connect in a set period of time, you would have to ask them.

Im sure if they saw lots of connections from different devices in a different locations it would cause you a problem, if you are out gigging £10 or £20 a month is a small amount to pay per DJ so I would just pay up to avoid any issues.

Edit: How Many Devices Can I Use Simultaneously? – TIDAL

I suspect you may get away with it on a family account.