How I can see Hebrew language songs

I buy prime 4 how I can read Hebrew songs in Hebrew language ,I know I don’t have keyboard in Hebrew but in engine soft I see Hebrew language why in prime 4 it’s in jibrish like words I don’t know like not good text how I change it now it’s in English I want to see songs that written in English in English and Hebrew in Hebrew I can’t work like this I can’t find songs written in Hebrew just the english

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On the PC language is based on the computers operating sustem. On the device is based on the Engine OS, which doesn’t have different languages implemented, than English.

In the engine i see hebrew in prime 4 controller not

Because Your Engine Prime gets it from Your operating system on Your computer. Prime 4 is not running windows or mac OS, it is running on Engine OS - a totally different system.

People tell me i can see hebrew in the prime 4 to see songs in hebrew but it was firmware 1.3.1 not 1.4.1 i did update do you think its because of this ?

Hebrew was never in the system. Only english. Song titles are displayed mostly correct. I don’t know how it looks in hebrew, try it.