How dose the fader start work with serato dj

hello I was wanting to know how does fader start work with serato dj

Good question. On traditional gear it was all hardware. Your mixer AND your media players both needed to support it. On some gear it was even possible to have fader start assigned to the cross fader as well as the channel faders.

Not sure how it’s implemented on Serato (if at all). I never ever use it, so haven’t paid any attention to it, let alone spent time looking for settings. Thus I might have missed it.

Interesting to see if someone can shed some more light on this.

Very simple. When enabled, faders send a midi signal to the software for the internal mixer that also triggers play command on the decks.

That much I figured. But I don’t recall seeing any settings for it in Serato. Doesn’t mean they are not there, but might be I just overlooked them.

so I have to set it up myself or is there a setting that already there.

It’s a software specific feature. So you go to the sofware’s website and search for the user guide where all of the functions are listed for the specific hardware. Read the manuals people.