How do you use Hot cues and loops?

I would like to know from you, how you use the 8 Hot cues and loops at our disposal, what you call them, if you give them a name or if you keep them standard, if you assign a different color for each kind of Hot cue (for example: red for drops, etc), which points on the track you prefer to identify.

I understand that this can vary from track to track and from genre to genre, but there will certainly be a personal standard that each of you follows to quickly identify the purpose of the inserted hot cues. :+1:

EDIT: do you have any preferences on using the hot cues in progressive order? In other words, I mean that if you have only used 4 Hot cues in a track and you have to set a cue in the final part of the track, do you always use cue 8 or do you go in progression and use (in this case) cue 5?

Nice topic. I can tell how I use my hot cues. Red for drops Yellow - Intro Light Blue - Outro Blue for vocals/synth Orange - buildup Green - Breakdowns Light Green - other Purple - other For drops I always put my Hot cue 4 or 8 beats before. Loops have the same layout, but are on spot.

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Yes, exactly what I was interested in knowing :+1:. Let’s hear what the other guys are saying too.

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I use a shortcut. I run all my new music through Mixed in Key. They add the cues and Key into the music. Then I upload them to Serato and Denon. I modify them if they are bit off, but I find MIK pretty accurate for my Trance songs.

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