how do you load the samples on traktor with the mc 7000?

I can not load the samples on traktor where I have to load them?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for posting!

Are you using Windows or Mac? If you’re using a Windows computer, within Traktor’s browser window, you’ll want to right-click your file(s) in the sample folder that you’re looking for. Select Show in Explorer (or Show in Finder if you’re using Mac) This will show you exactly where your samples are stored on your computer. After you’ve located your sample directory folder, drag your files to that directory. Keep in mind that you’ll want to analyze and import the samples once you have them where you want them.

I hope this helps!

no excuse what I meant is that on the danon mc7000 there is a button called sample, on traktor but nonstante I load the samples in remix deck the sounds do not start as for example works on the mc 4000