How do you increase Record output for Streaming live in VDJ

hi I posted in virtual dj forums but in the end they said its no there software issue its a mc7000 issue

I already updated 1.2 firmware a couple years ago

but my Recording levels are low even though the gains are in the red all the way open

but more I trying to stream to Livesets using icecast and its not loud enough… how do you guys stream to livesets and get volume loud enough for them and I using latest virtual dj 8

The most recent firmware lets you adjust the output level. It’s in the settings. Look for the manual on the Denon site and it will be detailed in there.

ok thank you… I guess its the same thing with about platter adjustments

update… I see its 0 2 4 etc what have you guys found to be the proper usb volume or does it vary to computers

It really depends. Try various settings and see what happens. Probably best to reboot the unit after saving the changes.

oh ok thanks ill give it a try (:

update im having troubles I cant get into the adjustment mode

I hold BACK and PANEL button as I press the power button on but its not going in… its just booting normally and I unplugged the usb to make sure too

update… finally got into it I can set the Platter senstivty…

but I cant get the USB levels I hold the Deck2 (right side) cue button and I turn the seclt/load button but nothing happens

and how do I adjust DECK 3 for the mic there is not 3rd cue button

I been trying hold number “3” + CUE button and then turn select enter knob same for usb I hold the number “2” + Cue button

what I doing wrong

Hi @comet424 - You want to hold the CUE (PFL) button above channel 2 channel fader rather than the CUE button on the deck. I see why you may have been confused so I’ve updated the instructions to be more clear and added them to the tutorials area.

Hopefully this helps!