How do I setup DS1 for recording my vinyl collection?

Hey everyone,

I’m having a hard time understanding how I set up for recording my LPs. I read that DS1 works as an audio interface and can record the LPs. However, I tried many different ways of connecting through my mixer (phono, CD), but I can’t get the sound either in my earphones as in Audacity or Ableton.

Could someone help me explaining how should I do to get this??

Appreaciate so much the help,


Why do you need hadphones or mixer for recording tracks from your vinly? Unless you are talking about recording the entire set and not individual tracks?

I didn’t get your question.

I want to digitalise my records. But when I do it through Serato, the sound is pretty low. And that was the only way I got it. When I try Ableton or Audacity, I can’t get any sound.

So you have got it working then (in Serato)? Once you’ve completed the recording, simply use Audacity to boost the level.

Using the DS1 via Audacity is no different to using it with any other software (i.e. Serato). Select the DS1 as your input source and hit record.

What are these “many different ways” that you tried? You need to be specific - we can’t see what you’re doing, and we don’t know what you’ve tried. As Slay said, you don’t need to involve a mixer.

Are you able to select the card in your computer audio device set up?

Don’t run Serato whilst running audacity, Serato usually makes the device exclusive when running.

I tried to setting up on connecting the turntable RCA on the DS1 right input and then the right output on the channel 2 of my Pioneer DJM400 mixer. Then the DS1 USB on my PC. For Serato, it works fine on “Through”. However, on audacity and ableton I can’t get it.

How can I do it by not involving the mixer?

Appreciate the help

The DS1 is an audio interface. Plug the turntable into the DS1. Plug the DS1 USB cable into the computer.

The computer should see the DS1 as an audio interface option. Select the DS1 as an input in Audacity.

No need for a mixer.

I do exactly like you say. I tried both ways: recording a set or ripping a vinyl. Either way, when I select the input as DS1 and start monitoring no sound go through.

Any other possible suggestion?

How are you monitoring?

What you should check is that you can see a waveform when you start recording in Audacity. Forget about being able to hear it for now. The important thing is getting a signal into Audacity, which should be happening if you’re sending the output of the turntable into the DS1, and the DS1 is selected as an input in Audacity.