How do I incrementally update from iTunes lib?

I have a main itunes library that i add tracks to weekly.

I now have the current version on an engine prime disk.

When I update the itunes library next week, how do i add just those tracks to the collection? do I just ‘update itunes library’, select all the tracks again and add to collection? the manual does not cover this.

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Good question. Same for me for Traktor XML file sync. When adding a couple of tracks to Traktor (because of MiK integration) I’ve to sync my whole playlist with all Traktor tracks (+6000) which take a long time…

This is the dream. Lol. I hope this is in the works for EP.

And to clarify that’s exactly how I wish it would work.

EP checks both libraries, sees that songs have been added to iTunes, asks if I’d like to update my EP drive with those songs. Boom. The dream! :yum: