How do a create the searchable database of an external hard drive?

I downloaded Engine Prime 1.2. It is open. I plugged one of my USB 3.0 2TB Fat32 drives with about 80,000 tracks into the computer and it shows up on the left in EP. I have read the database is put on the drive itself that the music is on. That’s good. I want that. I do not want it to do analysis inside EP yet because 1) I don’t want to wait and 2) I assume that will bump up against file size limits eventually I have heard about; so that is turned off already. If that is in error and analysis is not an issue, please let me know and I can always run that at some point later after database creation. I have no crates or playlists, and I have no pre-existing other software library (Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, iTunes) I wish to import in this case. How do I recursively scan & add all tracks from left pane to right pane from this drive or just “Create Database” for it?

Edit: I think I got it. No feature within EP 1.2. You have to drag the folders within the drive in Windows to the Collection middle spot in EP, not the right side pane and not totally a function within EP. Dragging the drive or all the tracks using . were both no go’s. Conked out last night at the 53,107 track mark while I slept, but trying again now. Thankfully, doesn’t look like it will add duplicates.