How can I transfer files to my storage device without having to remove it from p4 and connect it to PC

I use an SSD and twice now moving it between PC and p4 has corrupted my database, losing all my crates and such. It’s a real pain.

It’s an external, USB powered ssd.

Hi @DBLTHNK - The video below walks through the process of transferring music to the HD installed in a Prime 4. If you are following these steps, and still having issues, please provide a bit more detail to help us identify what could be causing the issue.


It’s a USB powered external ssd…

Can I use these same steps?

Sorry you mentioned in the first sentence

So I assumed this was installed in the HD bay.

The same process would apply for the transferring.

What is your current workflow to add music to engine prime and transfer to the external HD?

Workflow is convoluted af.

I’m not sure how to word it, but I preview everything on my phone and transfer songs to a synced Google drive folder and then from there to a USB powered ssd .

I just dont want to have to keep connecting and disconnecting the actual physical drive from desktop to p4, I’d like it to be how it is in that video, I can leave it plugged into my p4 and move files over network.

It is not possible to move files over the network. So, you will need to connect the media device to your computer to transfer files.

Alternatively, you can use Tidal and stream directly to the unit.

I’ve had enough dicking about so I bought a 2.5" crucial ssd.

It was the first thing I bought when receiving my P4, a Samsung 500GB SSD. Best decision ever. Easy to work with by connecting the P4 to my PC/MacBook via USB. Then just take it to a gig, drop it on the booth, hook up the speakers and mic and off you go!

Seriously, as glad as I am about getting rid of the laptop (which also had an external HD attached by the way), I might be even more glad about losing the need for external data storage (with the exception of fall-back/ redundancy things).

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