How can I 'record' my mix using just one SC5000?

Hi guys,

I’m a bedroom DJ currently using Serato DJ DVS with 2 x Technics 1210’s and an Allen & Heath Xone22 analogue 2 channel mixer.

Currently I record all my mixes through Serato DJ. Do you have any suggestions how I could record my mixes if I buy an SC5000 and drop the Serato DJ software?

Thanks in advance!

  1. you can come out of the record out of the Xone into your laptops input jack (if it has one) and use something free like Audacity to capture the audio

  2. you can get an external device recorder and plug it own the record out or main xlr outs, then it saves to the recored and you can drag the file onto you computer to do what you want with it

I’m using a Reloop tape it’s also great for recording vinyl only mixes.


If this is for home use, where you have a laptop/desktop handy, a USB-connected mixer is a good option, just route your mixer output through the mixer and the speakers from the mixer. You can then run software (like Cubase) to record any of the channels or master (1 stereo channel at a time, but you get to pick which, including master). From there you can do post-production in the DAW if you need to and bounce to WAV or any other format.

My absolute personal favorite for this is the Yamaha AG-series. It offers a lot of extra features, like options to hook up for keyboard/guitar (always nice if you have a gig with a sing-a-song writer), extra mics (with various FX, compressor and 4-band parametric EQ and filters), hookup for a mini-jack backup source (like iPhone or something).

Mine sits on my desktop as my computers sound card. Just love it. Connections for regular headphone (for monitoring instead of through speakers) and for headset (nice for gaming). No need for an extra power outlet as it’s USB powered.

Price-wise is also makes sense. The Reloop Tape, here in Holland, costs 99 euro while the AG03 costs 102. The first is great for taking with you on the road at gigs, just plug into the record out of a club mixer and you are good to go. The second offers so much extra imho that it makes way more sense to buy the mixer.

Just my 2 cents as usual.

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This not your whole setup. You obviously use a SL3 or SL4 interface and you have your mixer’s output connected to a interface input. 1.) The easiest way would be to keep your SDJ interface and record the same way with SDJ. 2.) Cheapest way would be to sell SL interface, buy a simple interface with a single RCA stereo input (like the behringer UCA202) and record the mix using free software (like Audacity) 3.) Laptop free way - hardware recorders like Zoom H series, Reloop Tape, some mp3 players with 3,5mm record input, miniDisc players,…

Thanks Slay For Money. Can i actually keep Serato DJ and us its recording functionality with an Sc5000? I was under the impression SDJ wasnt yet compatible with the SC 5000 unit?

In this situation, SDJ has no connection to SC5000 so compatibility is not a issue. Same as you have turntable RCA cable connected to mixer you would plug SC5000’s RCA cable. No USB.

I have a mxc8000 which is serato capable and 1 sc5000 and do a dual layer mix with just 1 sc and it will record to serato still when not in dvs when the USB is connected from the mixer to lappy. Though have to still add it to audacity and amplify because often records low.

Though another sc and 1800 mixer will be at my house on Tuesday so I can’t wait.

I’ve been trying to record in Logic Pro but I’m having issues doing it so if anyone has any advice would be appreciated. Not trying to steal thread or anything.

I just use a separate audio to USB recorder with Line IN’s on the recorder - battery operated or mains and doesn’t use any of the resources of the rest of the system - neat, tidy and compact solution.

Don’t see your problem really. Record out to the computer. And yes, if that’s a bad audio card, you should get something better. I have an RME but that is a “little higher end”.

Other option might be to replace the 22 with the 23C?!