How can I midi sync the X1800 to ableton, etc on Standalone


Ableton link works with Serato, Traktor, etcc but I was using the x1800 on Standalone and tried to midi sync to ableton and wasn’t able to.

Any ideas on how to do it?

I want to use ableton in my setup


Hi bbz12,

To better understand what you want as an end result, we need more info. Some of the questions:

  • What midi cable do you use (DIN or USB)?
  • Do you use a Ableton controller or only software?
  • How is everything connected?
  • What have you tried already?
  • What does work / doesn’t work?


  1. usb
  2. only software
  3. I’m connecting a single sc500 to the x1800 using channels 1 and 2, line out from sc5000 to channel 1 and 2 line in. On channel 3 I have an universal audio arrow connecting the Mac to the x1800 line in. On channel 4 an akai Force by line in. I have the midi out going to the Force via DIN Cable I also have the USB coming out of the Mac into USB 1 input. Obviously switching the input in the channel from line to usb when trying to use it
  4. Basically turning on Link in Ableton also activating midi clock and Engine Connect.
  5. There’s midi information shared between the SC500 and the Akai force by midi clock. When I use Serato or Traktor then I can connect everything by Ableton Link, the problem is when using the SC5000 as standalone.


When I play on one of my SC’s, the X1800 send MIDI out to my Roland TR-8S via DIN. The problem I experience is the MIDI start command, which is still a known issue and request.

I have no experience with linking software, but there was a similar post about Maschine.

@EthanLeo any ideas perhaps?

The X1800 has clock on / clock off but not “midi start”. Some machines can play thanks to the “midi clock in”. For example, my arturia keystep start/stop according with the button on the X1800.
We should see if there is a way to modify the behavior of the TR8-S, to start when receive the tempo (as the arturia do). Anyway, have you already tried to set the X1800 on Active send? @Reese

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I know it still doesn’t work in my environment, but was hoping you could shed some light on bbz12’s situation.

(I eventually would want to have the TR-8S to adhere to the 4bar of the SC’s.)

Nothing new atm :male_detective: