How can i jump directly to the End of a Track?

Hello together. I know, how i can go directly back to the start of a track. But is it also possible to jump directly to the end of a track (without mouse control, only with Controller Buttons)? I’m using the MC4000 with Virtual DJ 8. I’ve got all the latest drivers and updates for both. Everything else is fine, amazing Controller, works perfect with VDJ8, love it ! :slight_smile:

Being MIDI, Virtual DJ simply treats any controller a bit like a qwerty keyboard or an unthinking box of buttons.

If the DJ software, in this case, Virtual DJ offers a “jump to end of track” feature as part of the software, then the software can be told (via midi mapping) to make a spare button on the MC4000 trigger than function when pressed.

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Thank you very much for your answer ! It worked with the MIDI commands (goto100%). :grinning:

Now i try to find another function, i had on my last dj controller (Hercules Universal DJ). It’s called "Fast Search (Seek), so i could go fast forward and back trough the track while pushin SHIFT+ spinnin’ the Jogwheel. Hopefully there is a MIDI command too for this function.