How Can I Clean My Prime Go

I spilled a drink on my Prime Go. :frowning:.

I was able to quickly soak up the liquid and I haven’t had any issues with my controller since, but one button (the mic 1) has become sticky. It doesn’t move freely and I’m afraid it’s going to get fully stuck. Does anyone have a recommendation to clean the controller? I don’t see an easy way to remove the top frame and access the hardware. I do notice there are several screws on the bottom of the deck with little triangles pointing to them. I wondered if these were the screws that should be removed to release the top frame.

Dilemma dilemma . The Go hasn’t been out for a year yet so, all one year warranty’s will still be under a year.

But drinks spillage / drinks damage won’t be covered by the warranty and is almost instantly identified easily once the thing is opened - usually there’s a high-tide mark inside on the boards and components.

If the drink had sugar in it, alcohol in it , a fruit base to it, and even worse, if it was carbonated (fizzy) then the drink will have an acidic effect on components and the tracks on the printed circuit boards even when dried on.

I’d bite the bullet and get an out of warranty repair done on it ASAP and not switch it back on, or put it on charge until it’s been cleaned really well - that acidic reaction is a ticking time bomb for something catastrophic to happen at some point in the future