Hot memory stick when ejected

Hi all used my unit for a five hour standalone set last night and noticed the memory sticks were quite hot when removed … I’m using those small ultrafit units perhaps this is because these are so small …would I be better using a physically larger stick.

I have noticed that too with the SanDisk ultra fit, but it’s not really a problem. Same thing happens when using them in a PC and with other sticks too. Just heat created whilst transferring data.

I have had the same stick In my MCX8000 for over 6 months and it still works fine.

I have a few SanDisk Ultra Flairs. After transferring ~3,000 tracks to them with Engine Prime, you could probably boil an egg off it.

Works absolutely fine however, just let them cool down a little before you do anymore major read/writing to the drive as a precaution.