Hot Cues Not Importing/Saving/Exporting to Target

  • Software or Firmware Version: (1.2, 1.3.1, etc…) latest, 1.3.2 on EP, 1.3.1 on SC5000.
  • Steps to Reproduce: (Turn on unit, press button X, etc…) I start with Mixed In Key to create cue points, export them. Open Serato, make sure everything is there which it is (also I rescan ID3 tags to be safe), open Engine Prime and only a fraction of the songs have the cue points on them.
  • Expected Result: (ex: It does X…) Serato cues should be imported but they are not. To keep things simple, I am not using any other library for importing to EP (no itunes, rekordbox, traktor, etc.) Everything in my collection is coming from Serato. Everything looks good in Serato. I’ve tried opening/closing/resyncing multiple times. Once I go to EP, cues are gone and quite a number of tracks have the waveform/beatgrid messed up which can be fixed if I re-analyze.
  • Actual Result: (ex: It does Y…) So there’s actually three problems here: 1. As I said most songs I’ve imported from Serato have no cue points 2. Whatever cue points I have I cannot for the life of me get them to sync to my flashdrive to use on my SC5000s. 3. I’ve also tried making my own cues in EP, however if I select a different track then go back to the one I just had, all cue points I’ve just made are gone. Tried doing this on both my computer drive collection as well as the USB drive collection.
  • Reproducibility: (ex: Happens 1 out of 10 times.) Considering I haven’t gotten cue points to work at all, I’d say 10 out of 10. I’ve given up using them entirely.
  • Other Relevant Configuration Info: (ex: Plugged into a Windows 10 laptop.) Using a 64GB USB 3.0 thumb drive that has been formatted to FAT32 MBR. I’d also like to mention I am fairly new to Denon so there’s a chance I’ve set something up wrong but I’ve seen enough tutorials for EP and worked with all the softwares enough to be pretty confident that whatever’s happening likely isn’t user error. If it is then please let me know what it is I’m doing wrong.
  • Operating System & Version (if applicable): Mac OSX Mojave 10.14.5

Delete or Rename the engine prime database on your internal hd and all external drives

Launch EP

Refresh Serato library

Add your tracks to EP collection


Reimport tags

See if the hot cues make it over

Ok I’ll try this… gonna take several hours though. So you want me to refresh the serato library as in delete the songs there too and re-add? Then after I sync/import serato library to EP you want me to re-analyze all the tracks in EP then re-import all the tags?

No need to delete anything in Serato

All that needs to be done is with Engine Prime

And it’s much faster now.

I refresh my 70k files in less than 4 minutes.

Steps again

Go to my music on your Mac. Rename the Engine Library folder

Go to the root of your external drives rename Engine Library folder there

When I say rename you can just add a number to the current name

Then start up Engine Prime on your Mac

Go to the serato tab, refresh as you normally do

Then Select all tracks in the Serato tab and add to collection

Proceed to do crates

Identify a track that contains cues, loops and check if is as it should


This appears to have worked. Thank you! :slight_smile: Will comment again if I experience any issues adding new tracks with cues.

What you may notice is that, if you add new hot cues to a track that you already imported subsequently the new hot cues may not be added to Engine Prime.

Eg if you add more cues in Serato

Dunno why it but just so you are aware.

If the newer cues are important to you, then you have to do the database steps again.

For now my advice is to use Serato for all your library management and just use EP as a vehicle for getting songs to the players.

Hi @mufasa,

Thanks for your advice and help with this one! :raised_hands:

So I have a follow up question, how do I go about adding or deleting specific tracks without having to delete whole playlists or crates and reimporting/reuploading my whole library every time? It doesn’t seem like engine prime auto syncs with any changes I make to the library in Serato, same with how my thumb drive does not auto sync with what’s in my EP library.

ps. also about cue points, I only needed to get the initial ones from MiK/Serato into EP, I subsequently just do all my cues in EP as I’m using that as my main software, er trying to at least since my main equipment is SC5000s. It’s been a very rough road though with Engine.

Right click track or tracks and remove from collection.

Does that not work for you?

You have to do this in the EP collection tab. I believe you can also choose Remove from Crate/playlist if you are in playlist/crate

  1. “Update Serato Library” will reflect new tracks in the Serato tab, but you have to delete the crate in collection tab and re-add it to reflect new songs or deleted songs.

  2. Tracks already added to EP collection will not reflect hotcue/saved loop changes as they are already part of the EP collection. To get around this limitation you have to delete from collection and add them again

Give this feature request thread a like if it applies to your expected workflow UPDATE EXISTING CRATES

You sir, very brave you are! :8ball::volleyball::basketball:

My own worry is that sooner or later they will launch an update which may not work with previous database. It’s happened once already in the earlier days. Serato has a track record of making its databases compatible even when they switch from Scratch Live to Serato DJ, and again when Serato DJ was rewritten.

You can say that again, 3 years deep waiting for what should be there from day 1.

“Right click track or tracks and remove from collection.”

This only works for manually removing tracks. But say for example I delete 50 tracks from a playlist in itunes (which can easily be synced in serato), unless I search for and delete each of those 50 tracks individually which is a nightmare, I have to delete the whole playlist in EP and reimport it. I also tend to rename a lot of tracks (I’m going through and putting an LQ for tracks which are not true 320s or EDIT for ones I want to make a specific change to), which EP will for some reason duplicate instead of simply reflecting the name change on the original file, and since there is no easy way to delete duplicate tracks I have to again delete my entire library and reimport to EP. Not to mention Target USB collections do not sync with EP whatsoever. Any change I make in EP seems to have a 15% success rate in crossing over to the target (what does that sync button even do anyway?) so I’ll end up having 300 duplicates in my flashdrive since it doesn’t reflect my changes in EP, and so the only way to efficiently get rid of them there is by deleting entire USB collection and repacking :rage:

Also is there no quick way to delete the “missing” red tracks? In serato you can sort songs this way so you can easily erase all the missing files from your library, EP seems to only do this when trying to sync to a target, though not all the missing files make it into this folder. Not even one day goes by and my library looks like a wreck spotted with red tracks everywhere and no simple way to get rid of them. Thank god I don’t have that large of a library else I’d be losing it. xD

EDIT: It seems what I’m talking about as far as syncing/updating crates and collections hasn’t been implemented yet, from the link you posted. I went ahead and gave it a like, though the syncing with serato is not that big of a deal. It’s the syncing my USB with EP that makes me want to blow my brains out. It’s so slow, and I constantly get crashes when doing it.

How to delete missing files

I don’t use target USB. I do have small drives around that I use when I’m looking to test a few new tracks.

I use a 4TB external ssd with the SC5000.

Same drive has my Serato Library database

I don’t have any music in my laptop internal storage.

Perhaps some of the guys that use iTunes will share their workflow.

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Oh man thanks once again Mufasa! You the man, this solved the missing tracks issue. Now we just gotta get the syncing in order! haha

You welcome.

The sync bit might need an adjustment of workflow on your end.

Where is your main collection?

What size is it?

Do you like having your entire collection available at gigs or just a curated set list?

When you say syncing do you mean to sync back changes to the main collection from export drive?

If that’s your query, I just did a quick testing

I exported one track to a thumb drive

Used it one the 5000s, placing random cues and loops every where

I ejected it and plugged in to the laptop

Clicked on the sync icon in the Devices tab of EP

All the loops and cues were pushed to the collection copy of the track

So it works

My main collection is on my computer. I organize mostly on itunes but since I’m using MiK to get the keys/bpm and cue points I have to use serato to import to EP as I read that MiK does not natively work with it. For now I’m using my entire collection because it’s not very large.

When I say syncing I’m talking about changes made in my computer/EP that I want passed on to my flashdrive. If I add/delete tracks, cue points, re-analyze songs to correct bpm or beatgrids I want that to be synced to my drive.

EDIT: Still having a terrible problem getting cue points & BPM/beatgrid adjustments to save in EP. I’ll take a track, input all my cues or fix grids then the moment I switch it out and bring it back everything I just did was erased or reverts back to Serato/MiK. Kinda defeats the purpose of using the software doesn’t it?

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