Hot cue trigger speed is slow

Is this normal that the trigger is quite slow to respond in playback?

That’s because of quantize. I think it should be fixed. What version are you on?

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Switch off quantize and hot cue will respond as You need.

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Ah legends!

Thank you so much!

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Quantize off will work of course, but the snappiness with quantize on has been improved in later/latest version.

Maybe the forum needs a non-model specific FAQ section.

Someone searching the prime 2 section wouldn’t have found any of the sc5000 or Prime4 posts where people were worried about “slow” or “unresponsive” functions, where it was just quantize doing what quantize does

The same forum subsection could have info about how to format hard drives, not using crap cheap usb devices, not leaving sticky film on the platters, not having any weight of the platters during power up coz of the power-up calibration, what poorly earthed venues will show you on a touch capacitance platter and all.

And a real good explanation of DO’s and DON’Ts when dealing with the Engine Sub-Prime software…

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